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Best Homemade hair care tips in 2019

Homemade hair care tips


Using a warm, natural oil in your hair can do wonders for scalp health, health and hair texture and boost overall wellbeing. Here are some oils that you should consider including in your diet.

Coconut oil: This age-old remedy has stood the test of time! It works on all types of hair, is available locally and affordable. It eliminates dandruff, softens hair, repairs split ends and stimulates hair growth. It also protects the hair from protein loss. For best results, use extra virgin coconut oil.

Argan Oil: Argan oil is not native to India, but has recently caught up. Extracted from the argan tree kernels, found in Morocco, it is filled with vitamin E, making it the ideal moisturizer for dry, flaky hair, reducing frizz.

Castor oil: The oil extracted from castor seeds has many health benefits, but it is particularly beneficial for the health of the hair. It is an excellent moisturizer that helps prevent flaking of the scalp. It also reduces root breakage by providing food and lubrication.

Bringhraj: This oil is widely used in Ayurvedic treatments and in the beauty industry. Bringhraj oil can not be used alone, but works best with a carrier oil. It helps activate the hair follicles when it is massaged in the hair and stimulates hair growth.