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Benefits of Hair oil massage

Best Benefits of oil massage



Stimulates hair growth

The hair is made of protein and therefore needs enough vitamins and other nutrients to grow well. Hair oil acts as a regenerating agent, giving your hair the nourishment they need. In addition, massage the oil in the scalp helps open the pores and facilitates better absorption of the oil. Regular oil massages help reverse the harmful effects of chemical treatments and other hair treatments, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the roots and promote hair growth. Indulekha Bringha Oil works not only by reducing hair loss, but also by regenerating and regenerating it.
Strengthens the hair

Lameness, flat hair, extreme dryness or excess fat, split ends and hair breakage are all signs of fragile roots. Common causes of weakened roots include cold temperatures, poor diet, heat styling tools, some hair products, etc. If it is normal to lose 100 to 150 strands of hair a day, if you experience more hair loss, a regular massage with oil can greatly benefit you. The oil massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, facilitating the transfer of nutrients to the roots. Hair oils also open on the pores of the scalp, promoting root health and hair growth.

Protects the hair shaft

The hair is naturally hydrophobic or water-repellent, because of the natural oils produced in the scalp. While natural oils are used to keep hair moisturized and nourished, climate change, hair chemicals, thermal tools, pollution, chlorinated water and many other factors affect the health of hair and hair. make them dry, dehydrated and coarse. Soft, lifeless hair is normally porous because its outer protective layer has been damaged. Moisture or washing of the hair causes water molecules to penetrate the stem and cause the locks of hair to swell or swell. Since the outermost layer of the lock of hair, called the cuticle, can not extend like the inner layers, it eventually curls outward, forming an uneven and scaly texture instead of being smooth. . Oily hair regularly protects the hair shaft by making it hydrophobic, preventing water molecules from penetrating and damaging it.
Add shine and luster to your locks

Succulent shine is one of the most attractive features of a healthy hair. The hair oil stimulates shine by making the hair shaft hydrophobic, which prevents swelling of the outer cuticle and forms a scaly texture. A smooth, shiny cuticle contributes to the shine and health of the hair. Heat damage makes hair brittle and thrives. A regular oil massage can treat split ends and nourish the hair from the inside to make them shiny and beautiful.

Prevents infection

When the pores of the skin on the scalp obstruct, this can cause minor to major problems, such as irritation of bacterial or fungal infections. Infections can also lead to dandruff and provide an environment for lice growth, resulting in hair loss. Note that there are good bacteria on your scalp at all times, and regular lubrication with natural anti-bacterial ingredients like honey can nourish the scalp and keep infections at bay. If you notice that your scalp is tender in places or has red spots, consult a dermatologist immediately.

Prevents dandruff

Dandruff is the leading cause of hair loss and climate change and pollution contributes to the worsening situation. Dandruff results from a dry scalp, causing itching, root damage, hair breakage and hair loss, as well as an environment conducive to lice growth. Dandruff is essentially dead skin cells, often affecting people with excessively dry scalp, dryness itself, from the sebaceous glands on the skin, producing little or no natural oil. A regular massage with oil can not only nourish the scalp, but also help the sebaceous glands to produce enough natural oil. Note that excess oil can also hinder growth by clogging pores. Therefore, wash yourself with a shampoo